We want to improve your future by providing a good growth environment and a pleasant atmosphere. Furnizone is intended for convenience and to transform your house into a sanctuary of beauty and perfection.

Artisanal Furniture

We bring you artisanal furniture at reasonable prices to ensure you get the furniture you want at affordable prices. At Furnizone, we strive to bring your visions alive.

Feature Product


We recommend our elegant pure white bedroom sets with natural colour wooden leg. White bedroom furniture will brighten up your bedroom and will make it look larger than it really is. The important thing to note is white furniture can easily match with any colour of paint for your wall and also any fabric colours you choose for your bedroom.

Color Box

Colour Box is the best way solution to get kids to pick up & keep their own staff & toys. Keep the kid’s room clean dan wide open with space to run & play.


Three-seater sofas give you lots of room to get comfortable, making it a little easier to unwind. And, many of our sofas are part of a furniture series that has chairs and other seating in the same style, so you can create a living room set.

Stylish Ready-Made & Customized Furniture

We are a Malaysian knockdown particle board (engineered wood) furniture manufacturer. We strive to add character to your living space. We believe every space can be optimized to its fullest potential. Therefore, we have ready-made furniture for you even if you are not looking for custom-made furniture.


Ergonomic and contemporary designs to fit your needs and space


Over a decade of experience in furniture making


We specialize in types of furniture for homes and offices


Reasonably priced furniture that meets international standards

We strive to improve your future by providing an excellent growing environment and a pleasant atmosphere.

Furnizone was established to bring comfort and transform your home into a sanctuary of beauty and perfection. Do you have a piece of furniture that you like, or do you want a piece of furniture that’s customized to your style and needs?

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Home Office

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